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Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop | Pipes Peak

Pipes Peak is known throughout the area as the most extreme Colorado Springs, CO smoke shop, with selection and prices that can’t...

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Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes | Pipes Peak

At Pipes Peak, we offer the most eclectic and stylish collection of glass pipes in the Colorado Springs, CO region, many of them hand...

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Vape Pens

Vape Pens | Pipes Peak

For the ultimate in portability and discretion, try one of the vape pens from the collection at Pipes Peak, the ultimate smoke shop in Colorado...

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Welcome To Pipes Peak

Pipes Peak is the Colorado Springs smoke shop, where you can find smoking accessories of all kinds and experience the lifestyle we represent. We have gained a reputation as having the largest selection of smoking materials and paraphernalia; all kept up-to-date and offered at the region’s most reasonable prices.

Among our vast selection are the latest designs in hand blown, artisan glass pipes, vape pens, electronic cigarettes, lighters, rolling papers, and anything else the smoking class could want. If we don’t have it, simply ask one of our knowledgeable staffers and we will be glad to order it for you.

At Pipes Peak, smoking is more than just a habit; it is a lifestyle and a passion for us. If you share this passion, you have found the store of your dreams. We are the top Colorado Springs head shop, carrying all types and styles of bongs, water pipes and vaporizers. For those fun times, you can find unique paper kites, gadgets, toys, juggling equipment, and wall posters to fine tune the look of your digs.

T-shirts, hats, festival gear, glow sticks, candles and incense – whatever your pleasure, it is our pleasure to bring you an unparallel collection for your perusal. Uncertain about a product you see? Our staff is always on hand to explain anything and help you find that unique gift or perfect accessory for you and your friends.

Smoke shops have long been part of the culture of the West. We have simply intensified the experience for our Colorado Springs, CO neighbors and visitors.

Given that some of our customers have sworn off tobacco but still want the smoker’s experience, we specialize in non-tobacco substitutes. We carry a wide variety of e-cigarette flavors and potencies. We stock all the popular brands, and our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest you can find. Our vape pens are becoming more and more popular as people are recognizing their portability and style will give them the freedom to take them anywhere to enjoy smokeless smoking.

If you are looking for the total head shop experience, come and immerse yourself in our smoker’s world at Pipes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO. Call us for price specials and sales.

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